Help us to reach 200.000 Metalheads in Europe and support us monthly untill the end of 2015

It start right here, At this place, With you!

My ambition has always been to proclaim the Good News in places where Christ has not been heard of, so as not to build on a foundation laid by someone else.
Romans 15:20 

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How to reach 200.000 Metalheads?

Be part of the the project and help spread 200.000 Metalbibles to the Metalheads in Europe. The last 7 years we get 95.000 metal bibles out there. We have had a lot of response in the last years and people have found the Lord because of the bibles and the outreaches. Most of the Metalheads at the festivals are thankful for the bible. They are open for the Gospel.

Not many have gone before us. And it seems to be a hard group to reach. But now we have the opportunity to go to festivals and share the Gospel. We will go to the next level, and reach the Metalheads in Europe. Join us and make Jesus known in the Metalscene.

Be part to accomplish this vision. Support us by prayer, time and your donations.

Documentary: Metal Bibles for Wacken


Donate to Metalbibles for Europe 2014/2015

Let’s accomplish the vision together.
One Metalbible costs €2,75. How many do you want to donate?

200.000 Metalbibles for Europe GOAL
3696 Metalbibles RAISED